StatVin.Tool Autoauction history

Our extension will help you
conveniently use auto auctions and find out
the necessary information about cars


See auto auctions with which it is very convenient to use the service

Reasons to use 1 Vin Stat

Works online
                            inside auctions
Works online inside auctions
Free forever.
                             No need to pay
Free forever. No need to pay
No registration needn't
No registration needn't
Verifyed by google & safe
Verified by google & safe

What will you see with the extension

Seller Seller
VIN of the car without authorization at the auction VIN of the car without
authorization at the auction
Lot trading history Lot trading history
Model statistics Model statistics

Opportunities for and Auctions

  • History of trades by lot
  • Last sale status
  • Selling price
  • VIN of the car without authorization at the auction
  • Salesman
  • Statistics of sales of similar cars for the last 2 months
  • Purchase Stat Report


No, the extension works only on stationary computers with the Google Chrome browser

The extension is distributed through the publisher - Chrome Web Store. Google scrutinizes extensions before publishing, so that in itself can be a guarantee that the extension is safe. For our part, we guarantee that we do not spread viruses, do not store customer information or use it in any way.

No, it works only with Google Chrome

We don’t collect personal info. Our extension is free, no registration, no telephone, no credit card.

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